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A website for cyclists wanting to win their race and achieve personal cycling bests.

Carl is a cycling coach and avid track racer. Carl focuses primarily on coaching junior racers, but coaches riders of all ages and backgrounds. Carl is the track cycling coach for the Northwest Cycling Club, voted USA Cycling's Cycling Club of the Year for 2013-2014, and is one of the main coaches at the Alkek Veldodrome in Houston, TX. He has introduced countless racers to the sport of cycling and and has helped many racers attain their personal bests, up to and including, 9 individual junior national track championships. Coach Carl Jones is a cycling coach and physical educator with a degree in Kinesiology-Movement and Sports Studies from the University of Houston. 

My passion for cycling comes from an unwavering commitment to fitness.  Simply put, cycling is a lifelong path to fitness. Young or old, if you can walk, you can ride.  If you can ride, you can ride faster and farther. 

People ride bikes for many different reasons, Some people ride bikes to stay in shape, some people ride to participate in charity fundraisers, and some people want to race.  Whatever the reason motivating a rider, my job is to help them improve and achieve their personal bests.

Remember that feeling of freedom and the thrill of speed that you experienced when you first learned to ride a bike.  You don't have to sacrifice that sense of joy to become proficient in cycling.  I make sure to inject some fun into every situation whether it is the cub scout bike rodeo or a national championship.  

Participation in youth cycling offers so much more than race results and medals. The junior cyclists experience a sense of comraderie while learning to work as a team.  Both individual results and team results are achieved through hard work, committment, healthy competition, and most importantly, a strong desire to have fun.  These values have benefitted the racers that I have coached both on and off the bike.  Some graduates of the youth cycling league are professional racers while others are successful chemists, national scholars, law students, musicians and businessmen.  


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