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A website for cyclists wanting to win their race and achieve personal cycling bests.

Carl is a cycling coach and avid track racer. Carl focuses primarily on coaching junior racers, but coaches riders of all ages and backgrounds. Carl is the track cycling coach for the Northwest Cycling Club, voted USA Cycling's Cycling Club of the Year for 2013-2014, and is one of the main coaches at the Alkek Veldodrome in Houston, TX. He has introduced countless racers to the sport of cycling and and has helped many racers attain their personal bests, up to and including, 9 individual junior national track championships. Coach Carl Jones is a cycling coach and physical educator with a degree in Kinesiology-Movement and Sports Studies from the University of Houston. 

C3 Cobra Cog Wrench - Available Now in the C3 Shop.

The cog wrench that I've been working is finally ready and in the C3 shop for immediate shipping. $65 buckeroos will get you a replacement for 5 other tools that you would use on a fixed gear/track bike. 15mm socket, lockring tool, cog wrench - 13t-18t, bottle opener (carbo loading facilitator), and a chainring bolt keeper for the chainring bolt that you just lost on your crank, handsomely finished in oiled black oxide and hand riveted. 

Best thing is that they designed by me are hand-made in the US of heat treated quality steel by Flat Tool Guru, Chuck Meglio of Pennsylvania,

This tool is sturdy and handy. Give me a shout if you would like to demo a copy, and if you see me, ask me if I have one handy....I will!


BUY NOW!!! I only have 50 in this batch!