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Carl is a cycling coach and avid track racer. Carl focuses primarily on coaching junior racers, but coaches riders of all ages and backgrounds. Carl is the track cycling coach for the Northwest Cycling Club, voted USA Cycling's Cycling Club of the Year for 2013-2014, and is one of the main coaches at the Alkek Veldodrome in Houston, TX. He has introduced countless racers to the sport of cycling and and has helped many racers attain their personal bests, up to and including, 9 individual junior national track championships. Coach Carl Jones is a cycling coach and physical educator with a degree in Kinesiology-Movement and Sports Studies from the University of Houston. 

Coach Carl Cycling on the Road again, 'Crit Style'!

C3 (Coach Carl Cycling) and ABS Cycling coaching programs will be working in conjunction with Houston Sports Park Crit Series to present the USA Cycling Beginner Race Program (BRP). With beginner racing in mind, only Junior, Women 3/4, Men 4/5, and Men 3/4 will be racing in this crit series. Midway through the racing at 5 pm, C3 and ABS Cycling will present lessons from the USA Cycling BRP designed to improve skills, safety, and racing for novice and intermediate racers. The lesson will be approximately 50 minutes, and racing for Cat 3,4, and 5 racers will continue after the class. (Great chance to preview the course too!!!! Pass the word and we'll see you there.  

First Race and clinic: Sunday, July 5th.

Event Website:


Racers who attend the BRP can race in the Cat 4/5 race immediately after the class for $10.00 instead of the full $20.00. Use the code: ASBcoaching (case sensitive) when registering .